Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its official, I'm OLD!!

So normally I would not post a blog and let everyone know that it was my birthday and yes I'm 30 now, but I wanted to some how thank my super cute hubby and fam for such a fun and surprising b-day. Just in case you can't tell what I'm holding in the picture, let me explain.
About a month and a half ago, Adam was on the phone and he wouldn't let me hear what he was talking about. He kept going in the other room and was talking quiet. When he got off, I got out of him that it was my dad, but he wouldn't tell me what they were talking about. So I called my mom and told her about it and I thought that Adam was going to get me a gun for my b-day. I have been asking him for a gun for awhile now and he would have to call my dad to know what kind to get me. (He isn't into guns!)
I didn't think I was going to get anything else for my b-day because Adam had me fly to San Fran. the Thurs before my b-day and sent me shopping to get some clothes for myself while he was at work. After he got off, we met for dinner and then he took me to see Wicked. I thought that was the best present ever. I was good with all of that.
So on the Sat before my b-day, he took me to dinner. When we got there, he made me take in this BIG long present. I was a little embarrassed! So after we ordered, he made me open it. Yes everyone was staring. So I pulled out a very long 2X4 with a play cap gun taped to it that said PSYCH. I found out later that was my mothers idea. She thinks she is so funny!! So when I was done turning red from embarrassment, he handed me a bag with my "real" present. It was a folder with a print out of flight plans for us, our kids, and my parents to Florida for a week, a picture of the place we were staying, and pictures of everything there is to do in Disney world. I guess he had started planning it with my parents in Jan. and I had no idea!!
So to top that off, we headed home after dinner and to my surprise, our driveway was full of cars. I noticed that they all belonged to family members so I thought that just my family was there. Oh no.... I had a house FULL of people. Adam , my mom, sisters, grandma, his mom, and my friends had planned the best surprise party ever. They had decorated my house, had a ton of food, Crystal had a banner made, and they had just gone way overboard. Everything was so cute and so fun! I have never felt so loved and spoiled in my life. It definitely made turning 30 a lot easier. Thank you all so much!! I really couldn't have asked for a better husband , family and friends!
So if you ever need a really cute cake, I know just the girl. She is AMAZING! I have had her make cakes for me for about three years now and I'm always so impressed. She lives in Ogden and has very good prices. Oh and her cakes are to die for. They taste so good!!!!
Let me know if you are interested and I will get you her info. I have more picts if you want to see them.
Here is a few friend and fam gathering around to watch me blow out my candles.
Happy b-day DJ. Sorry you had to spend your birthday at my birthday party. You can't blame me though, I had no idea. We will have to make up for it next year and have a huge party just for you!!
The guys all had to gather in the living room for awhile because there was a very important supercross race on! They needed some male bonding time!!

Jesse and Mason guy!


I'm so glad that Adam invited my parents. My kids had so much fun with them.
As you can tell from the picture, they got spoiled!! We even gave in and let Kennedi get her face painted....twice.
It was so nice to have warm weather and be outside.
This was taken at Epcot in the India section. We hit three parks that day. We started at Hollywood studios at 9:00 and then found it its not really for little kids, so we went to Epcot and did a speed jog through the park. We ended the day at Magic Kingdom and stayed until it closed. The kids were so tired. I had Kennedi on my back on the way out and she asked me if it was Okay to fall asleep yet. I told her she could and she was out in about 2 seconds. (We were trying to get our moneys worth.)
Here is Adam, Kennedi, Bob, and Colleen at the Wild Kingdom. They were trying to blend in with the wall.
My favorite place in the world!!

I would have to say that traveling with my kids is the best. I love to watch them get so excited about the smallest things. Kennedi got to see Ariel and Mason got to see Lightning McQueen. (we did have to drag him away screaming) Its fun to see them with their dad and grandparents. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.
Thank you Adam for being so wonderful and for such a fun trip!
Thank you mom and dad for coming with us and for being so good to our kids.

Monday, March 9, 2009

St George

Derick and Taylor and their two cute boys.
So I'm a couple weeks behind. I know SHOCKER!! We decided to get out of the cold and head down to St George a couple weeks ago. Of course, Mason was sick the whole time. He has been sick for about 4 months now. It was still fun and nice to get outside. We brought Kennedi's Barbie jeep down and her and Mason got to ride around the neighborhood. We stayed at a friends house and they had a pool and hot tub. We went on lots of walks and just enjoyed playng outside!! MUCH NEEDED!!

Here is my little poser. (just like her mother. ha ha)
Kennedi was able to run around in the back yard in her underwear. She was in heaven. She hung out by the pool for a couple hours and didn't want to come in. She brought a "picnic" out and some towels and was waiting for the pool to warm up.

Adam, Mason, and Kennedi.
We went for a hike up Snow Canyon. It was so pretty and SOO nice to be able to be outside and get some fresh air.

I know, I look HOT!
It gets a little warm packing my little Mason guy, who isn't very little.
I think he weighs almost as much as Kennedi and they are two years apart.

My cute little kids. (well I think they are cute)
I feel so blessed to be able to be a mom. It is definately a lot harder than I expected (especially when you have a sick kid for 4 months) but so worth it. I can't imagine life without them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day supprise

Here is my cute mom and sister Jessica.
So Adam and I take turns planning V-day and our Anniversary. This was my year to plan so with the help of my mom, sisters, and sister-in-laws, we planned a scavenger hunt at the Gateway. Adam had no idea what we were doing or who we were going with. I'm sure he was overwhelmed with excitement when he discovered that he got to spend a romantic evening with all of his in-laws. SURPRISE!! We met by the fountain and gave them each a puzzel that they had to put together and figure out the clue.

I gave the camera to Rich (Randi's boy toy) He is a great picture taker!! We sent them to the chocolate factory first. They had to look through a bunch of Hershey kisses and find the words on the bottom to figure where to go next. They also got a Carmel apple. (I think that was the best part of the whole night for them) Then they went to Victoria Secret and had to pop balloons to get the clues out. They got in trouble for taking pictures in the store. I guess your not allowed to do that.

Then they went to Luv Sac and had to sort through rose petals to find the clues and then to Dicks where they had to tear open a pinata to get the clue. Then they ended up at ThaiPhoon where we were waiting for them.

Rich, Brett, Jake, Adam, Bob, and Zach at the Chocolate Factory. I think they ate their apples before they reached the next store.

Me and my cute hubby getting warm by the fire. Just so you know, we didn't spend the whole evening with the fam. We all parted after dinner and me and Ad went to a movie, and got to stay at a Hotel. No kids. Thanks Tina.

Here is Bob and Colleen. Since we went out on Fri night with the couples, we stayed home with the kiddo's on Sat. We had a fun little candle light dinner and played guitar hero.

Mason and Jeanette (Adams sister) rocking out.

We are planning on starting a family band!!! Mason on the drums, Kennedi on the base, Adam lead guitar, and I guess that will leave me up to the vocals and maybe the keyboard. Yes!!! I love to sing and I'm freakin awesome. (at pretending I can sing)

Valentines Day

Here is Kennedi at her Valentines day party at her preschool. Okay so let me know if I'm totally weird. I went to Kennedi's Christmas party at preschool and I was the only parent.... I went to the Valentines day party and once again, I was the only parent there. So I started to think that maybe the parents aren't suppose to go to the kids parties. My mom always came to mine, and I thought I should go too. For those of you that know me, you know that I LOVE holidays and I ALWAYS go overboard, but is it "normal to want to go to your kids preschool parties?? Or am I just the crazy mom that everyone else makes fun of?

He is my super cute niece Macie. She is a wild woman. She is so fun and has the cutest personality. We are at my parents decorating sugar cookies.

This is Mason guy and his Papa. He loves his Papa. He is such a fun little boy. (when he isn't sick) He has been so different to raise then my little wild woman.

Oh Jess you are doing so good!! That is her cute Mel Gibson look a like husband on the couch. He was being a dud!

Here is my mom(far left) and Macie, Tayler, My crazy lady Kennedi and me.

More Skiing

So the second time we took her skiing, we talked my mom into taking the day off and coming with us. We picked last Wed. because it was suppose to be the only good day of the week.. WELL it snowed a lot the whole time we were up there. Yeah not so easy to teach a 3yr old how to ski in powder. I got my work out that day. We still had a blast. Kennedi LOVES her grandma and loves spending time with her. My kids are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. They are always so fun!!

Skiing with the princess

So we decided to try Kennedi at skiing this year. (She is 31/2)

We took her up to Snow Basin on the bunny hill. On her first run down she kept pushing Adam and me away because she wanted to do it herself. On her second run she wanted to go over and try the bumps. By her fourth run she was going down by herself. She has always been a very determined little girl. We had so much fun with her. I'm glad that she likes it.
Adam had so much fun teaching her how to ski. He was so patient and loved every min of it. He is such a good dad. He is so good at spending time with our family and doing fun stuff with us.